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Healing effects of perilla leaves

Updated: 18 Aug, 2019 lúc August 18, 2019

Perilla leaves can be used to treat coughs, colds, abdominal pain, instant breathing, skin beauty, weight loss support.

Perilla is a year-round cardamom, has white roots, has a spicy taste, grows wild or grows many places in the country and Asia. The tree likes light and moist, suitable for soil and silt. Perilla produces flowers with many fruits, after the old fruit, the tree fades, the seeds spread around, until the wet and wet season in the year after germination. Plants are grown by seeds.
This type of herbs is very popular, not only for eating with many delicious dishes but also for healing effects. Dr. Bui Dac Sang, Academy of Science and Technology, said that in traditional medicine, perilla is a medicine that is classified as a stimulant to sweat, water and alcohol of perilla leaf extract have effects. use of skin vasodilation, fever reduction, except for colds. Seeds are made into drinking tea and gas-lowering agents, branches are used to make pregnant drugs.
Perilla also works to reduce spasms of smooth muscles of the bronchi, essential oils that increase blood sugar. Aldehyt perilla suppresses the nervous center. Water soaked in perilla leaves has the effect of inhibiting bacteria such as staphylococcus, bacilli, colon bacilli.
In terms of chemical composition, perilla seeds have a high content of essential oils and are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, mainly alpha-linoleic acid. Perilla leaves contain about 0.2% of pure essential oils and hydrocarbons, aldehyde, ketones, furans ... Perilla leaf extract shows antioxidants, anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory and anti-depressants.
When the wound is bleeding, you can take a small, uncoated perilla leaf, cover it with the bleeding, sprinkle it well and tie it. The wound will stop bleeding, do not cause pus and leave no scar when healing.
Perilla is not only a spice tree but also a precious medicinal plant.
Perilla is not only a spice tree but also a precious medicinal plant.
Perilla leaf extract has been shown to inhibit tyrosinase synthesis and melatonin of mice. This is a potential application of perilla to lighten the skin. Drinking water from perilla leaves daily replenishes a large amount of nutrients that play a role in preventing the formation of melamine pigments - the cause of melasma, freckles, and brown spots on the skin. The rich source of minerals in this natural raw material also helps to improve pigmentation, exfoliate cells, thereby eliminating blemishes and extremely white skin care.
Drinking perilla juice instead of daily water filter is an extremely effective method of weight loss due to containing plant proteins, fiber and many essential vitamins and minerals that can promote stomach, enhance metabolism, and give metabolism. In particular, the amount of fiber in this leaf also works to create muscle to help shape toned, compact, similar to exercise and sports.
Cách nấu nước lá tía tô để uống hàng ngày
Lá tía tô ngâm với nước muối pha loãng rồi rửa sạch. Đun sôi 2,5 lít nước lọc rồi cho lá tía tô vào. Đậy kín nắp, để hỗn hợp sôi khoảng 2 phút thì tắt bếp, để nguội. Sau đó, cho 3 lát chanh tươi vào bình, đậy nắp, bảo quản trong ngăn mát tủ lạnh để uống suốt cả ngày. Nên uống trước ba bữa chính khoảng 10-30 phút để ngăn ngừa hấp thu chất béo, đồng thời giảm lượng thức ăn nạp vào.
Bài thuốc từ lá tía tô
Lấy vỏ một quả quýt cạo rửa sạch cùng 3 lát gừng dày và một nắm lá tía tô tươi hoặc khô cho vào nồi, thêm vào một bát nước, đun sôi kỹ, uống nóng và đắp chăn ấm, chữa cảm lạnh.
Lấy một nắm lá tía tô tươi, 2 củ hành và 3 lát gừng, tất cả thái nhỏ cho vào bát, đập một quả trứng gà rồi múc cháo hoa vào trộn đều ăn nóng, giải cảm.
Pour the perilla leaves for a bowl of water, mix a little salt for a drink, treat stomach pain, flatulence.
Take stems of perilla leaves and white peeled roots of the mulberry tree to get a cup of water to treat coughs and breaths.